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bike show

Come and say hello

at the 2015 Bike Show!





Chelmer Cycles
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Chelmer Cycles
Chelmer Cycles commented on a post.
2015-01-22 06:30:18
Chelmer Cycles
Chelmer Cycles
Im sure big Ed wont mind us sharing a photo of a new bike component.. sadly it wasn't fit for his purpose!
2015-01-21 18:37:03
James Gilbert
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James Gilbert
Pro night riding tip: When riding the lovely country lanes where there is no traffic for miles try to ride in the centre of the road as much as possible. In doing so, should a badger run out just in front of you whilst mooching along at 33kph you'll be able to dodge it. Failure to do this will result in you hitting the badger square on, squirrelling down the road for 15 metres, before stuffing it into a hedge whilst staying on the bike but ripping a bloody great hole in your brand new Campagnolo long sleeve jersey purchased from your favourite bike shop. Don't worry, the bike was okay.
2015-01-19 21:30:06
Chelmer Cycles
Chelmer Cycles
Chelmer Cycles likes a video.
2015-01-18 22:41:35

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